If you often find yourself checking certain webpages or blogs for new content, you should consider signing up for an RSS reader.

RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds are a way for websites to update users about changes made, or new information posted. Most websites at this time provide you with two options: subscribe via email, or subscribe via an RSS reader. There are many readers available, but since I have a Google mail account, I use Google Reader.

Once you have a reader set up, you can add content in one of two ways:
  1. Copy the domain name from the address bar in your browser, and paste it in the "add feed" box.

external image Google%20Reader%20subscribe%20button.jpg

  1. Click on the feed symbol. It's usually orange, but can be any color...

external image RSS%20Button.jpg

  • ...and choose your poison (er, reader).

  • external image RSS%20subscribe.jpg

You can set up an RSS feed for this wiki. Go to "Manage Wiki," otherwise known as the "About" page, and choose "Subscriptions." You can set up an email notification, or add a feed to your new reader.